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Different Kinds of Digital Prints


Digital Smart Business Card

Make your own Smart business Card with us and grow your business easily. Increase your business contacts and boost your revenue.
Add professionalism to your business card with unique online identity and leave a lasting impression while growing your business.

Digital Smart ID Card

Smart ID Card for your business, employee, members etc. Whether you're a business owner, school owner, or you belong to a group/association, even as an individual, you require a Smart ID Card to boost your professionalism.
With a range of personalized designs, you can confidently showcase your professional identity while conveying your unique style.


Digital Smart Invitation Card

Don't just give invitation cards, let your invites be able to locate your venue easily. Add map and directions to your invitation cards. A smart card will bring your invites to your location without stress.

Digital Smart Tag/Label

Add unique branding and packaging to your product with digital label and tags.
Far greater than simple identification and product packaging, but for inventory tracking, shipping information, product tracking, customer identification, payment processing, business information, advertising and more. Your print tags, product tags, hang tags, product labels etc has to be smart and digital.


Digital Certificate

For easy verification of certificate and to prevent certificate forgery.

Digital Receipt/Invoice

For easy vouching, clearing and processing of receipts and invoices. To easily detect fraud, forgery and irregularities in payments and transactions.


Features and Benefits

Share your Information

Don't just give out cards, share your business information, professional profile or event location.

Scan QR Code

By scanning your QR Code, your client can see your details and also share your details to others.

Social Media Links

Your client can follow you on all social media accounts and also share your links to reach out to more contacts/clients.

Various Range of Templates

You can choose from our various templates or we can create a custom design to suit your purpose.

Professional Website

With dynamic vCard feature, you can create any kind of website you need with professional design and awesome features like online store for your products, services, appointment booking, enquiry, blog, SEO, gallery etc.

Click to Call

Your client can reach you by just tap on phone number and contact you for any query.

Google Business Integration

You can integrate your Google Business Link with your digital smart card.

Google Maps Integration

You can display your shop / business location in google maps. Visitors can easily find you.

Referral Bonus

For everyone you refer to register with your referral link, you earn $10 for yourself.

24/7 Support Available

Available on all social media platforms. Support groups on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Telegram etc to assist round the clock.

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